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Tosetto Allestimenti

For 50 years, our team of over 130 specialist technical staff and skilled craftsmen has been providing “Made in Italy” solutions in terms of exhibition services, interior design, and turn-key contract design projects to the world’s artists, architects, and designers.

News & Events


Tosetto at Fruit Attraction in Madrid

Tosetto has fabricated the booth for MAAP and Verona Mercato at Fruit Attraction, the main trade fair dedicated to the fruit and vegetable sector held in Madrid.


Tosetto at Geofluid for Comacchio Industries

Tosetto has fabricated the Comacchio Industries’ pavillion at Geofluid 2018, designed by Studio EviA.


Tosetto for Philipp Plein in Madrid

Tosetto has fabricated the interior design of the new Philipp Plein luxury boutique, designed by Studio Pironi & Partners.


Tosetto for Billionnaire in Amsterdam

Tosetto has fabricated the interior design of the new Billionnaire luxury Store in Amsterdam, designed by Studio Pironi & Partners.


Tosetto in Rome for the exhibition Je suis l’autre

Tosetto has fabricated the exhibition design for “Je suis l’autre, Giacometti, Picasso and the others”. A retrospective dedicated to the major exponents of Primitivism displayed in Rome


Tosetto for the exhibition celebrating Chagall in Mantua

Tosetto has fabricated as main sponsor the exhibition design for “Marc Chagall, as in painting as well as in poetry”, opened at the Palazzo della Ragione in Mantua from 5 September to 3 February.

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