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Tosetto Allestimenti

For 50 years, our team of over 130 specialist technical staff and skilled craftsmen has been providing “Made in Italy” solutions in terms of exhibition services, interior design, and turn-key contract design projects to the world’s artists, architects, and designers.

News & Events


When the furniture reflect your business

The furniture industry has witnessed a significant growth in recent years thanks to the increasing investments


Tosetto in Milan at MUDEC Museum

Tosetto has fabricated the set-up, designed by PANSTUDIO Architetti Associati, of the exhibition “EGYPT The Extraordinary Discovery of Pharaoh Amenhotep II” that will open to the public on September the 13th, 2017.


74th International Film Festival

The 74th Venice Film Festival will open to the public on August 30th, 2017. Tosetto will take care of the design of many areas of the festival 


Exclusive equipments for events

When organizing an event, whether it is a cultural event, a show or a private party, it is essential to carefully consider the spaces to be set up,


Large event structures

The organization of a large event in a location normally not use for such a purpose requires high-quality structures and materials,


Tosetto at Palazzo Ducale, Venice

Tosetto is fabricating part of the the set-up of the exhibition “Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharaja: the Al Thani Collection“,

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