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Tosetto Allestimenti

For 50 years, our team of over 130 specialist technical staff and skilled craftsmen has been providing “Made in Italy” solutions in terms of exhibition services, interior design, and turn-key contract design projects to the world’s artists, architects, and designers.

News & Events


Tosetto at Palazzo Ducale, Venice

Tosetto is fabricating the set-up of the exhibition “Treasures of the Mughals and the Maharaja: the Al Thani Collection“,


Furniture proposals that make the difference

The famous designer Charles Eames used to say “The details are not the details. They make the design” and nothing is more true in the modern contract and interior design industry


How important is lighting in interior design?

Illumination has become a key aspect of interior design projects as an accurate light design can bring considerable benefits both in terms of aesthetics and well-being.


The talent in Interior Design

Interior design means transforming spaces, whether they are a private home or a commercial space,


Tosetto at Castello di Miramare, Trieste

Tosetto fabricated the set-up of the exhibition “Il Liberty e la rivoluzione europea delle arti”


Luxury and excellence in furniture that makes your business grow

The decor and interior design of a commercial space, whether it’s a store, a hotel or a restaurant,