2017 Color Trend in Interior Design


In the interior design sector, 2017 has seen the predominance of nature-related colours, ideal for enhancing the symbiosis between human beings and the outside environment, but also perfect to be combined with the natural materials – such as wood, stones and cork, just to name a few – very popular in furniture and finishes. In this context, focusing the choice among the freshest and most vibrant nuances, the 2017 colour elected by the Pantone Institute, a US-based company specializing in the creation of trendy colours that since 2000 elects annually “The Color of the Year “, was Greenery. A cold yellow-green shade, PANTONE 15-0343 (in the picture) recalls the first days of spring and the wonderful shades of green that distinguish nature awakening. A hymn to life, it is emblematic of our desire to retrieve the bond with nature and live our life to full.

Beside Green, the other trendy shades of 2017 evoke a strong bond with the Earth, such as khaki, turtle, ecru, brown, orange and red. Hot colours inspired by sunsets, they are the perfect nuances to be combined with complementary greens and used in trendy patterns such as Deco-style and floral, exotic prints.

Whilst waiting for the upcoming announcement of the colours of 2018, the Pantone Institute has already communicated a preview of what the dominant tones for next year will be, including different shades of yellow, blue and the rose, just to name a few. It seems that the 2018 accent colours in the interior design industry will be inspired by good humour and positivity, so let’s hope that the actual year will start under the same spirit.

Image courtesy of www.pantone.com