Tosetto has developed a particular expertise in interiors, to include bespoke furniture and furnishings that are not only highly functional, but also incorporate the latest technology in an of-the-moment setting.

The company’s in-house carpentry department is equipped to execute a wide range of wood-working tasks, incorporating glass and metal, as required. Meanwhile, its metal-working shops boast the latest technology for creating structures in iron, steel, or aluminum.

The company workshops include precision cutting machinery, as well as a section given over to pre-assembly, and a paint-shop, while the latest Information Technology optimizes economies of scale.

Tosetto’s mission is to ensure that every brief, however challenging, becomes a product that is perfect right down to the smallest detail.

To this end, the company places great emphasis on using the most appropriate materials and manufacturing techniques, from the initial assessment, via the manufacturing process, to the assembly, so that the finished product is of the highest possible quality.