Commercial renovations to increase employees’ wellbeing


The renovation of a working space, whether an office or a commercial space, should not only create an attractive design but above all being able to improve employees comfort, health and mental productivity. It is, therefore, crucial to consider carefully each element part of this “puzzle”: the definition of architectural spaces, the type of lighting, the colours to use as well as the materials that will be used to characterize the space.

For example, a choice of minimal design will help infuse a sense of mental freedom and allow natural light to better illuminate the rooms, while the use of colors that resemble those of the earth and nature that surrounds us, such as sand or ecru, will give our brain a greater sense of peace and tranquility. However, the essential key to our wellbeing is the materials used, definitely the most important elements in determining the level of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), today a crucial factor for our health considering the large number of hours that we spend in closed space. The renovation project must therefore pay great attention to the selection of the furniture, for example, making sure that they do not have traces of formaldehyde, a chemical substance present in many objects and one of the major sources of pollution, or to use paints and coatings that do not contain harmful volatile substances that can be released into the rooms.

The knowledge of the latest Air Quality studies, the ongoing research for the best green certified materials, and the study of latest building wellbeing certification protocols – from LEED to WELL – specially designed to allow maximum wellbeing in a closed space, are key factors for a modern renovation project that takes into account the health of the workers.

Tosetto, a company specializing in the coordination and execution of construction works, has always been renowned for offering its customers, in addition to the quality of its Made in Italy style and an accurate service, a special attention to the choice of materials, finishining and furnishings that guarantee the salubrity of spaces. 


Philipp Plein Headquartes, Lugano, project: Arch. Claudio Pironi & Partners