Communicating through Interior Design


The concept of furniture has radically changed, establishing new rules of the game that involve all the players in the sector.

In the perspective of an experiential design, furniture has become such an important communication tool. More than just aesthetic or functional containers, environments become contexts of meaning capable of giving back information and sensations to users. This fact shifts the design asset towards creating an experience in the consumer, increasing the symbolic value of the furniture that goes from a collection of objects to a system of concepts. From this point of view each element assumes a new importance, from the choice of materials, colors, furnishings and accessories. Everything contributes to reawakening curiosity and interest in the visitor, to bring it into a spatial dimension that tells a set of correlated values, communicating them through the environment. A stimulating challenge for all the actors involved in the creation of interior design projects, invited to develop multi-sensory narratives rather than simple objects. With this awareness, furniture becomes an element of fundamental importance in the construction of a “habitus” capable of suggesting to the user a system of values, perceptions and actions related to the specific environment. Tosetto is a qualified and reliable partner that, thanks to a team of 130 professionals with different technical and craft skills, the use of cutting-edge technologies and the constant experimentation of new materials is able to ensure the realization of complex projects, creating emotional experiences capable of involving the 5 senses


Project: Arch. AquiliAlberg

Location: Cannes