50 years of Italian-style exhibition services

Established in 1959, Tosetto Allestimenti, which is based in Jesolo, near Venice, is the go-to company for bespoke exhibition services, including design for art shows and trade fairs, as well as turn-key contract interior design projects.

Our commitment, experience, and technological expertise, backed by a highly-trained specialist workforce, ensure premier results, paired with a distinctive “Made in Italy” style.

Drawing on local crafts excellence, and harnessing innovative new materials, products, and techniques, Tosetto produces an all-round sensorial experience for visitors to permanent or temporary art exhibitions, trade fairs, or other events.

Excellence every step of the way

Based in Jesolo, just outside Venice, Tosetto’s headquarters features 12,000 square metres to highlight the company’s design prowess and its products, display spaces along with workshops where our skilled crafts personnel apply their second-to-none talents to wood-, metal-, and glass-working.

A specialist workforce

With a specialist staff, including carpenters and joiners, metalworkers, painters, and logistics experts, Tosetto Allestimenti offers a complete guarantee for any kind of project, whatever the complexity, with a proven track record even in emergency cases, with 24-hour-a-day coverage.


Tosetto Allestimenti confirms its commitment to excellence via its certification. This includes:

  • ISO 9001:2015 Design and Execution of restoration projects; services for temporary and permanent services for museums and galleries, trade fairs and commercial events; interior design; packing and shipping of art works.
  • In addition, the company also holds the Italian SOA certification in categories Cat. OG1 – Class. II (Civil and Industrial Buildings); Cat. OS6 – Class. IV-BIS (Finishing using wood, plastics, metals, and glass materials); Cat. OS7 – Class. III (Finishing of building constructions).