Turn-key contract design

Tosetto’s Contract Division specializes in turn-key interior design projects for the hospitality sector, as well as for retail premises, and has experience of servicing both public sector and private clients.

Tosetto interacts with architectural practices worldwide, as well as large-scale property developers, putting at their service the very best of Italian excellence, from exquisite design to premier materials, through to that very special attention to detail that renders the “Made in Italy” product instantly recognizable all over the world.

Thanks to its in-house resources, Tosetto can call upon the best at all times, to guarantee a premier outcome at the optimal price.

Specialist consultancy services

Working in close contact with the designer and the developer, Tosetto’s Contract Division’s project management services include acquiring all data regarding the spaces, through to developing the final drawings for all elements that need to be built, as well as evaluating the technical and functional aspects of the design, and generating 3D designs and renderings.

Dedicated production units

Tosetto’s in-house specialists are capable of creating any type of interior design, customized to the client’s specification.

From development, through prototyping, to the finished product, using wood, stone, glass, or metal, as required, Tosetto’s people ensure that, with the aid of state-of-the-art engineering software, projects come in on time, and on-budget.


Tosetto Contract’s in-house staff has the expertise to handle all aspects of the construction process. This includes screening potential suppliers, cost and quality control, as well as logistics, and transport, through to installation, and extending to maintenance further down the line.Fabrication