Exhibition Design Trends 2016


The exhibition design sector has undergone a huge transformation in recent years, moving from a static showcase to a customized area where visitors are welcomed to enjoy a multi-sensory experience.

The exhibition design trends for 2016 can be summarized in three key-words: Interactivity, Digital and Green.

Sustainability is achieved not only just by using natural fibers or recycled materials, but also by working with a natural color palette, recalling the charm of nature. Stands are designed with eco-materials in order to reduce the environmental impact. Among the most popular: prints on biodegradable paper or canvas, ecological paints made without solvents and components of petrochemical origin and recycled corrugated cardboard.

Successful stands are also becoming more and more interactive, having to draw the visitor’s attention without diverting it from the main business goal. Purpose being reached thanks to the use of advanced technologies – such as smart floors, beacons, and multi-sensory systems – which encourage the visitor to interact with the exhibition space, allowing it to become an emotional journey.