Exhibition stand: financial return or eye-catching appearance?


Participation in fairs or exhibition events is an important opportunity to support and improve the visibility of your company or business.

In defining costs, the exhibition stand building is one of the main items, especially in relation to the return that it could generate.While fairs are an important engine for the markets’ growth, they also represent a economic commitment for those who decide to participate. More than the booth rental costs, which vary considerably according to sections, pavilions and square meters, a budget allocated for the exhibition design and stand building has to be carefully considered to maximize the financial return. A good project, designed to optimize spaces without penalizing aesthetics and usability is a fundamental starting point for creating a pleasant and functional area. The originality and the easiness of the environment, given by the choice of materials, furniture, lighting and all the elements characterizing the space, are important elements to be eye-catching and, most of all, to favor the visitors stay. An exhibition stand designed and realized in detail allows you to be independent in its management, maintaining control over any unexpected cost. In fact, every fair and every exhibition place has its own peculiarities and its own characteristics, relying on an expert partner means avoiding logistical or organizational problems that could represent extra-budget costs. With 50 years of experience in events and exhibition design, projects fabricated in all the major exhibition venues in the world, a technical assistance service for audio, video and lighting systems, Tosetto guarantees a portfolio of expertise, creating turn-key projects for all needs.