Following Market Trends vs Customization


A valid project of contract design cannot ignore the macro trends of the moment, such as the growing environmental awareness or the “modern vintage” style that combines contemporary furnishing solutions with unique recycled pieces. However, the key to success is definitely played by personalization, that is the ability to adapt both the customers’ needs and the ultimate trends to a very specific context. A challenge in which Italy plays a key role at international level.

The genius and flexibility that characterize the Made in Italy are reflected not only in the quality of our products but also in the capability of our manufacturing industry to deliver bigger volumes in a shorter period of time. In small, as well as in large orders, it becomes essential to manage them with dedicated services throughout all the steps that follow the executive project: from the fabrication of furnishings to onsite finishes, up to the ability to intervene promptly even after the delivery in the case unpredicted needs emerge.

“Tailor-made” projects, that favors the quality and uniqueness of the design as for example in the case of a piece of furniture branded with the company’s logo, must ensure a fast delivery combined with the ability to adapt a project during its development. This is the big challenge that the Italian contract industry will face in the years to come.

In order be competitive on the international markets and to better meet the needs of its customers, Tosetto has strengthened over the years the integration between its product development department, the technical workshops – such as the carpentry, the metalworking workshop and the glassware that are able to fabricate even the most complex furniture and artistic installations – and logistics in order to be faster while respecting the quality standards that has distinguished us since 1959.