Involving the visitor, art through the exhibition design


A beautiful setting plays a fundamental role to enjoy any artistic path, contributing in a really important way to the creation of meaning and value for the visitor.

A setting, in fact, is not fabricated only to protect and support works of art, but is rather a decisive component in the narration. Thanks to new technologies, the setting interact with the viewer, accompanying them in immersive environments created to show off the different levels of interpretation of the art-work. From the historical period to the cultural context, from vocal and sound testimonies to video contributions, from plays of lights and shadows, everything can become alive and help the public to enter the dimension of the art-work or the artist. As in “Massimiliano and Manet”, produced by Civita Tre Venezie and Village Globale International, on display at the Miramare Castle in Trieste until the end of December, where Tosetto has fabricated a multimedia exhibition, based on a project by Senso Immersive Experience, capable of carrying out the “impossible meeting” between the Emperor shot in Mexico and the great French artist Edouard Manet. Another example of the importance of the exhibition in artistic communication is undoubtedly the event dedicated to Frida Kahlo displayed at Mudec in Milan and promoted by the Company 24Ore Cultura, concluded a few days ago. An exhibition project resulting from six years of research aimed at giving a new interpretation of the Mexican icon, promoted by created on a project by PANSTUDIO Architetti associati. Tosetto is an experienced and reliable partner in the realization of any set-up thanks to a “turnkey” service that follows every step of the process. Thanks to the prestigious projects covered over the years, the Company has supported the major international players of art and architecture, operating in the most important exhibition venues in the world.

Design: Studio GrisDainese

Location: Città della Scienza, Napoli