How to manage a project for your hotel renovation


To effectively manage a renovation project you need to carefully evaluate a series of fundamental steps that will ensure an optimal finish.

Particularly when we talk about a hotel, which includes environments dedicated to hospitality and functional spaces, it is important to work on several fronts, focusing on identity and design without neglecting technical performance, quality of materials and consideration of the regulations in force.

A good project, in fact, starts from a precise technical and functional analysis of spaces to evaluate the optimization both in practical and aesthetic terms. Once the eventual adaptations have been established, a careful study of materials, finishes and furnishings able to adequately characterize the environments is required.

Through the use of colors, textures and furnitures, we can define the general “mood”, that unique style able to communicate the soul of the project. The installation service is a crucial step that must necessarily be entrusted to competent and qualified professionals in order to avoid waste of time and money. In fact, a work carried out in a workmanlike manner does not require short-term maintenance, thus optimizing the investment.

Tosetto, with over 50 years of experience in the contract and interior design, provides customers with a turnkey service and constant technical support in all phases of the project, in close collaboration with designers and architects. Thanks to a great attention to quality, functional features and sustainability, the Company offers excellent services for both commercial premises and private residences.