Safety in the moving of artworks


The moving of artworks is a fundamental aspect in organizing a cultural event, both from a logistical and a legislative point of view.

In addition to the value of the artwork, several aspects contribute to making this operation particularly delicate and complex. From the conservative state, which determines the type of packaging best suited to the maintenance of the correct microclimate, to the intrinsic fragility, which defines the characteristics of the most suitable means of transport. The stability of the anchors, the absence of vibrations and the temperature are all very important variables to ensure a truly safe transport. The “Condition report” is the document that certifies the state of conservation of the artworks during all the moving phases that include crating and packaging, accrochage, mounting and final dismantling. Each of these steps requires highly qualified professionals, able to manage shipments and transports all over the world and, above all, a constant updating of systems and equipments in order to guarantee optimal performance. Tosetto is specialized in moving services in safety, providing its clients an in-house logistics and storage service with a covered storage vault which extends over 4000 square meters (43,000 square feet), protected by a private security service and the police as well. The objects particularly prized are kept in a 200 sqm vault (2,000 square feet) equipped with safety and air conditioning systems, in order to guarantee optimal conservation of the artworks.