Set-up and reception of visitors in Italian exhibitions and museums


The set-up of both temporary exhibitions and museums requires that all key factors – such as the organisation of spaces, the display of the artworks, the setting up of the information areas as well as the ticket office – should be designed according to the visitor’s natural interaction with the space itself. In the most “modern” exhibitions, the evolution in the design concept itself creates a dialogue between the structure and the elements part of the set-up in order to give the visitor a formative and emotional experience at the same time. This goal is also achieved through the use of multimedia tools which allow the user to enjoy the “show” feeling vivid and intense perceptions.

In Italy, a country that boasts a truly unique artistic heritage, exhibitions are often set within spaces that are “architectural works of art” themselves. In this case, the set-up does not have to hide the archi elements, but rather opening a dialogue between the artworks and the space that serves as a frame for the exposed objects, and it is composed by them at the same time. In this context, the use of new technologies, the choice of materials, finishes and lighting are an essential element to achieve the right balance between the internal space and the contents of the exhibition itself.

Part of the success of an exhibition consist also in the ability to build, with care and attention to detail, the areas dedicated to the visitor’s reception: from the ticket offices featuring clear and strategically positioned info signs to content-rich bookshops, from chill out areas characterized by comfortable furnishing and lighting to chairs and benches allocated along the way in order to allow the visitor to have a nice rest. These and many others are key factors in making the visit a very pleasant experience for the general public.

Working with qualified companies able to follow each and every step of the setting up process is essential for a successful project. Tosetto works alongside designers and architects from the initial design phase to the final dismantling, guaranteeing fully customised solutions that offer the highest quality in the materials and the finishes down to the smallest detail.