The Italian know-how in turn-key interior solutions


In a hectic society like the contemporary one, the interior design of hospitality, business and retail spaces should be conceived with great care and harmony in order to create a pleasant, yet sophisticated, environment.

For players that offer turn-key contract solutions, it is important to be able to fabricate and install unique products whilst keeping a global strategic view of the overall spaces. Only the Made in Italy style can instil in each piece of furniture that signature craftsmanship, a mix of technology and tradition, that is globally requested for high-end contract projects.

The latest trends in the furniture industry prefers, infact, statement-maker craftsmanship and materials. Precious wood, metals and fabrics are key, while their texture becomes a decorative element that celebrates the beauty in imperfection. Tradition should, however, be combined with innovation: an example are furniture incorporating LEDs used to illuminate spaces instead of traditional lighting solutions. Design seeks a liaison with nature achieved by the use of eco-friendly materials, such as woods from controlled plantations, colors, Greenery, a light green colour with natural yellow-tones, is actually the Pantone of 2017, or design furnishings that includes plants into their structure.

In this direction, a General Contractor that can offer turn-key solutions, able to work with architects and designers from the initial design phase to the final delivery of the project, guarantees the unique excellence of the Made in Italy.

Tosetto, General Contractor for both the hospitality and residential sectors, provides its customers with bespoke solutions characterised by the finest craftsmanship and high-quality materials.