Tosetto for the 75th Venice Film Festival


Tosetto takes care of the design of the main areas of this 75th edition of the Venice Film Festival.

From the external scenic design of the Palazzo del Cinema, to the red carpet where the international celebrities parade, the Company has taken care of all the main spaces in which the Film Festival takes place, beginning from the Sala Giardino and the Palabiennale, the two temporary halls dedicated to movie’s projections with a seating capacity of 450 and 1800 respectively. Moreover Tosetto fabricated the scenic design of the square in front of the former Casino, the monumental gambling house built in the 30s that currently houses the press room and accreditations, both fabricated by Tosetto. In addition to the Garden area and the terrace overlooking the water, Tosetto designed the exhibition about the Venice Film Festival’s history located into the hall of the famous Hotel Des Bains, symbolically reopened after years of neglect. Finally, the Company fabricated the “Venice Virtual Reality” area at the Isola del Lazzaretto Vecchio, conceived to show works of VR and immersive stories.