Tosetto for the digital exhibition “Printing Revolution 1450 – 1500”


Tosetto has fabricated the exhibition design for “Printing Revolution 1450 – 1500. 50 years that changed Europe”

0pened in Venice on September 1st at the Correr Museum and in the Monumental Halls of the Marciana National LibraryTen sections documenting the cultural impact of the printing revolution in Europe through a digital exhibition that presents in an accessible way to the public thousands of data collected by the University of Oxford. A huge historical research that involved 50 thousand books, scattered among 360 European libraries.The exhibition highlights that millions of books circulated in Europe already by the year 1500, contributing to the quick spreading of ideas and the building of a common cultural identity. An exhibition project directed by the Italian Cristina Dondi, professor of Lincoln College of Oxford and curator of the exhibition as well, in collaboration with the Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia.

curator: Cristina Dondi

exhibition project: Giorgia Voltan

graphic project: Sebastiano Girardi, Matteo Rosso