Tosetto for the exhibition celebrating Chagall in Mantua


Tosetto has fabricated as main sponsor the exhibition design for “Marc Chagall, as in painting as well as in poetry”, opened at the Palazzo della Ragione in Mantua from 5 September to 3 February.

An exceptional event, showcasing over 130 works including the complete cycle of 7 monumental murals, made in 1920 for the Jewish Chamber Theater in Moscow and exceptionally lent for the occasion by the Tret’jakov State Gallery. The exhibition project proposes a reconstruction of the spaces of the State Jewish Chamber Theater with all the decorations and works created by Chagall.

curated by: Gabriella Di Milia

promoted by: Municipality of Mantua

in cooperation with: State Tret’jakov Gallery, Moskov

organization, production, catalogue: Electa

exhibition design: Gianni Maria Filindeu

with: Francesco Casu, Salvatore Murgia, Giampaolo Scifo, Antonella Zola

ph. credits: Mattia Palazzi