Tosetto at the Muse of Trento for the exhibition on the human genome


Tosetto fabricated the set-ups of the exhibition “Human Genome: what makes us unique” at the Muse, the Trento Science Museum designed by architect Renzo Piano. From 24 February 2018 to 6 January 2019, the exposition¬†will reveal to the public how and why people are all different, focusing in particular on the latest discoveries in terms of DNA, the external factors that intervene in its definition and how we can intervene to change it.
The set-up, designed by Lorenzo Greppi, includes the installation of videos and multi-projections of great scenic impact, as well as the creation of works of art such as that of Claud Hesse, a visual artist specialized on the themes of DNA and the genome, that will help us reflect on the relationship between biological component and ‘lifestyles’.

Credits: Studio fotografico Matteo De Stefano for Muse – Science Museum, Trento